Divination - L'art de lire les runes

The Art of Reading the Runes

History of Runes: From Ancient Symbols to Divinatory Tools

Runes, those mysterious symbols engraved on stones, sticks or wooden tablets, have a rich and ancient history that dates back thousands of years. Originating in northern regions, these characters were originally used to write the early Germanic languages, but their meaning evolved over time to include a powerful divinatory dimension .

The Runes as a Divinatory Tool

Reading runes is a form of divination that allows one to receive advice, answers , and insights into personal matters or situations from the runic symbols. Each rune has a specific meaning and energy of its own, making it a complex and nuanced divination tool. It also offers an opportunity to take a step back and probe our unconscious, their use varies according to beliefs and origins.

The Runes in the Nordic Tradition :

In Norse tradition, runes were more than just a system of divination. They were considered a sacred gift from the gods, specifically from Odin, the supreme god and father of the Norse gods. According to myth, Odin sacrificed his eye to gain the wisdom of runes by discovering them while on a spiritual quest. This connection with the gods gave the runes a deep religious meaning. Runic divination, also known as "rune pulling", was practiced to obtain advice on important matters, choices to be made, or to predict the future .

The Runes in the Germanic Tradition :

Among the Germanic peoples, runes were also revered as divine tools. They were used for writing and divination . Runic writing, called "futhark", was used for funerary inscriptions, protective amulets and sacred poems. In matters of divination, the Germanic soothsayers, called used the runes to interpret the signs and messages of the gods. This practice was often linked to religious rituals and ceremonies.

The Runes in the Wiccan Tradition :

In Wiccan tradition and some other modern pagan practices, runes have also found their place as divinatory and symbolic tools. Wiccans often use runes to practice divination, much like in Norse traditions . Runes are cast or arranged in specific ways, to interpret symbols and gain guidance or information on personal or spiritual matters. Runes can also be used to create talismans or amulets worn to attract certain specific energies or blessings. Each rune has its own meaning and can be chosen according to its lithotherapy stone or magical intention.

Practicing the Reading of the Runes

The practice of reading runes requires a deep understanding of each rune and an intuitive connection with their energy. Choose your set of stone, wood or clay runes.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the meaning of each rune, but do not limit yourself to strict interpretations. Trust your intuition to interpret rune messages in specific contexts. Before you begin a reading, take a few moments to center and meditate on your question or concern. You can also choose to ask a specific question.

Shuffle the runes in a bag or by hand, then draw a number of runes based on your preferred reading method. Scatter the runes in front of you.

Analyze the layout of the runes and their proximity to each other. Trust your intuition to interpret the messages that emerge.

Reading the runes is a personal and profound practice that can offer valuable insights into your life path. As with any form of divination, it's important to keep in mind that the runes are only a tool, and the final interpretation depends on your intuition and personal connection to the symbols.

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