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Magical Antidote - The Oracle of the Cauldron Sisters

Magical Antidote - The Oracle of the Cauldron Sisters

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Abracadabra, witch are you there?

Since childhood, we are conditioned to negatively identify anything that relates to witchcraft or magic rituals. It didn't take much to motivate two modern witches to definitively put an end to this dusty old reference cliché... Come on, move on!

In this magnificent box, you will find 48 cards finely decorated with magical motifs, faithful to the "witchy" style of the cauldron sisters. A true advisor to the soul, this intuitive oracle will help you face the obstacles and worries of everyday life. Use it to reassure yourself, heal the ailments of your heart, your fears, but also to calm your mind and receive kind advice. Thus, through practice and guidance enlightened by the magic of the messages, you will see to what extent these healing cards are a powerful antidote to all torments.

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