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The Oriens Animal Tarot

The Oriens Animal Tarot

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Discover the messages that animals whisper to you

Oriens means “Rising Sun” in Latin. This word symbolizes being reborn when daylight appears after a long dark night.
Associated with animals, which have always been wonderful guides, this concept encourages us to listen to the advice and spiritual messages that the Universe sends you to follow your true life path.

Thanks to the 78 magnificent cards and the accompanying 208-page book, this tarot will provide you with all the answers to overcome the obstacles that stand before you and thus move forward with serenity.

Like a beacon in the night, this tarot, dedicated to the symbolism of animals, reflects the mythical, ethereal and luminous aspect of nature, allowing you to enter into a spiritual relationship with the universe.
Let yourself be carried away by this mystical wildlife call to take you away from confusion.

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