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The oracle - My lunar rituals

The oracle - My lunar rituals

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The moon has always fascinated humanity with its changes in shape and color, illuminating the night in an infinite dance cycle. A mysterious star renewing itself every month, it symbolizes the impermanence of things and their return; it reminds us that every living being also has a cyclical nature.

Each of the cards in this superb oracle presents a face of the moon and its message. A book offers the interpretation of the cards and different drawing methods, while a ritual notebook details the energies of each of the 24 lunations. You will also discover rituals and fun, creative or meditative activities, as well as pages to express yourself freely, at each new and full moon.

This box will allow you to grant yourself moments of sweetness and joy, in order to discover yourself and move forward in the quest for well-being.

Let the moon shine in your daily life!
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